Saturday, April 30, 2005

i know what you're thinking

And actually, it's not like that. Some of the obvious reasons why I'm not blogging much from Berlin simply aren't true (well, one of them is), but if you're imagining that I am out being simply fabulous all over the city, all the time, I'm afraid that's inaccurate.

Sad but true: I've been working.

One of the big projects I mentioned just before I left is a sizable chunk of writing for a new museum/"interpretive center". I'm doing the scripts for the A/V components. And after weeks of not being able to get the subcontractor I'm working for in for research and interviews, suddenly the client needs everything Right Away. So I packed several tons of xeroxed research materials in my computer bag (seriously, 3 inches thick) and I've been working on these odd little pieces ever since. It works out; MonkeyScientist has his own work to do, so we write in different rooms together, which I think is rather sweet.

Even if I'm learning that not everyone talks to themselves as they write. Slightly embarrassing. Especially the cursing and hanging upside-down off my chair part. I guess other writers don't do that either.

What am I saying? Other writers DRINK, and shoot up and stuff. I'm doing fine, relatively.

ANYWAY. We do take breaks and go out, and I do my stealthy best to eat as many pastries as I can order with my non-existent German (nice thing about bakery cases: all you have to do is point.) We see stuff and go places. I am formulating deep thoughts on those experiences.

In the meantime, here are two paragraphs ripped straight from yesterday's email to my mother.

I spent a little time by myself this afternoon, on an abortive quest for a bathing suit. It was fun. I saw a guy I'd noticed in a coffeeshop a day or so back, and did a little drive-by flirting, just to keep my hand in. The other day, he'd been wearing a very dramatic leather duster and hat, which is why I'd noticed him. Today he was wearing what appeared to be a conservative black suit, until I got close enough to see that the fabric was printed with an all-over flower pattern in a slightly shinier black.

I can't wait for you to see how people dress here; it is IMPOSSIBLE, from what I can tell, to be out of fashion. The combinations are not as strange as some that I saw in Japan, but still. Long light green socks over dark green tights on one girl today. All kinds of striped pants. And many women have dyed their hair unlikely shades of red, sometimes in patterns with other colors.