Thursday, April 28, 2005

european randomness

1. Who knew Wikipedia cared about Blood Orange Kit-Kat? The line it sounded better than it proved to be is sadly true. Although maybe the ones that are filled with more liquidy stuff are better.

2. The BBC is running a story about alternatives to embalming/cremation, which is funny because we were just talking about this Tuesday as we strolled through the cemetery under Bertolt Brecht's window. They're reading a letter from a man who would like to have his body left out for wild animals, which is pretty close to my dream of being fed to lions. South African cemeteries are apparently nearing capacity; a man is saying they'll be out of room for dead people within five years.

3. Enchilada flavored Crunchips, as close as you'll get to Mexican food in this city according to my guide, are not bad. I think I prefer them to the Sweet Thai Chili flavor. These people will do anything to a potato.

4. Mom, if you're reading; I'm trying to email you, and it's bouncing. Throw out some email, hokay?