Tuesday, March 16, 2004

oddtodd is the man of my hour

This animation hits a bit close to home. Even if, despite what certain persons think, I do actually get out of bed before noon and try to get some work done on a fairly regular basis. The whole cookies-for-breakfast thing, for example.

It takes a while to load. Time enough to go to the freezer and see if there are any Girl Scout Thin Mints laying about unguarded. Which reminds me of another story, about Almeida and lesbian undertones and my tattoo, but I'll tell it another time. Another thing you can do while you wait for the animation to load (press the hand-scrawled 'start' button) is open another window and check out the daily fact he learns from tv. Or you could go through that page to Ebola Monkey Man, who pulled this absolutely beautiful scam on a Nigerian 419 scammer. Not for the faint of stomach.

It's okay, everyone knows that you read all those smartypants blogs. A little Odd Todd won't kill you.