Friday, December 15, 2006

does this guy look like doctor spock to anyone else?

Another reason I'm sometimes proud to be human.

Things are still very busy, and I'm ambivalent about blogging if I can't do it well. Well-ish. But the nutshell is that I'm growing fond of my weird little living situation in Oakland. It feels very good in this space, and I love being able to walk down the street at night without getting panhandled or otherwise solicited.

Doing a lot of catering bar shifts. Just turned 37 on Monday. Thinking about going to Spain in March. Still eating too much raw cookie dough and not enough salad. Got fancy new tires on my bike--"Armadilloes"--lined with Kevlar. So if anyone tries to shoot my bike, I should be able to keep riding.

Too tired to think of anything else to relate... hopefully I'll be more intelligent in January.