Friday, July 07, 2006

keeping my head down

As Miniver so helpfully reminds us, Mercury is retrograde right now. A fact which became clear to me the other day when I accidentally sent a private email to a group, or at least thought I had, and had a bit of a sweat until I figured out that I hadn't.

So I'm going to stick with photos a while longer. Safer! And by the way, I'm back in the yay area; I was only in Seattle for the weekend.

This pretty girl is Daisy, companion dog to Princess' sister and her family. They're out of town for a couple of weeks, and when we showed up Saturday night, sweaty, sunburned, and snippy, she wasn't too sure about us.But we won her over.

We couldn't find where the dogsitter had hidden her ball, so we bought a new one (Seattle is a very good place to buy things for dogs, if you're wondering) and discovered that the rumor was true: this girl is indefatigable.