Thursday, December 15, 2005

meant to show this to you earlier

I was going to write about Halloween in the Castro, too, or at least near it; I didn't make it all the way down Market. Chose instead to hang out around Church and Market, where I could see people walking by and not get caught in the crush. I was going to post a totally mind-numbing list of the silliest costumes I saw.

Looks like I didn't. But I wanted to share my photo of the pair that I found most interesting, swimming upstream against an endless profusion of naughty nurses (and cops, and firefighters, and angels and kitties and devils and nuns and so on and so forth, with some women just dressed outright as "ho's", all naughty, naughty, naughty). I was standing with an African-American software developer who took offense, as soon as he realized that the man was in blackface. Hey, that's racist! he shouted after them. That's the point! they shouted back, and I found myself explaining the whole looters/foragers media representation controversy to him. Which I guess we talked about more in the blogosphere than people did outside it, huh?

Anyway. I love concept costumes. Did I mention that I went as a sack of Scrabble tiles? I was warm, I was comfortable, and I was completely covered. Something to think about for next year.